About Vector

Vector Leak Consultants are based just north of London and are ideally situated to travel anywhere in the country. Vector’s team of specialists have been working in the waterproofing industry for 20 years and have a breadth of knowledge to offer, whether that be as an expert witness or detecting and monitoring leak in your buildings.

Our Values

Honesty, transparency and respect. These are our core values that we, as a team, constantly strive to offer our clients. 

Texplor Partnership

Texplor Group, established in 1994, have been operating in Europe and China serving many varying industries from mining and geological surveys to leak investigations on the Paris Metro. They have been successful in that time and have produce some incredible measuring equipment.

Partnering with Texplor, Vector Leak Consultants are able to provide unrivalled leak detection and monitoring services.


Andrew Flood

Managing Director

Andrew has worked within the roofing and leak detection industry for two decades. He is widely appreciated for his ability to identify defects and causes of water ingress. His insight and ability to work with people to overcome challenging building issues has saved a lot of clients the ongoing cost of dealing with building leaks.


Ben Hickman

Technical Director

Ben’s insight and expertise in structural waterproofing have meant that he is an authority in the field, contributing to CIRIA guidance on blue roofs, and the British Standard for basement waterproofing. He is highly sought after for his professionalism, depth of knowledge and his excellent design foresight.

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