Buried Leak Detection

Waterproofing for basements and green roofs (and various other building elements) is normally inaccessible. As a result it can be extremely difficult to establish where a defect is in order to repair the waterproofing.

Vector Leak Consultants employ tried and tested technology from Europe which allows us to find your leak(s) with minimal disruption. Once complete you will have a report with a floor plan clearly mapping the area(s) of water ingress such that localised repairs may be completed.

Buried waterproofing leak detection is an excellent tool that we use to prevent the complete strip out and reinstatement of damaged roofs and podium decks. 

How does it work?

  • We conduct an initial site visit and produce a leak schedule together with observations in order to establish the
  • Nature of the investigations required.
  • A grid of sensors is installed across the relevant roof or building element
  • Results are recorded and analysed to produce a map of where the leak(s) are located
  • Our results may be packaged in reports of varying nature dependent on the client’s needs

Once your leak detection is complete Vector Leak Consultants provide a range of professional services which may be of assistance. Many clients consider our project management service particularly useful in ensuring completion of suitable remedial works.

Initial site survey

Electrical sensor reading



Professional Services

Vector can fully project manage the remediation of leaks from design and specification of repairs through to tender and provision of a completion certificate.

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