Permanent leak detection systems are growing in popularity and offer obvious benefits where waterproofing systems are buried.

Our leak monitoring system is installed during new waterproofing applications both before and after the waterproofing layer. The system is commissioned and integrated with the building management system (or adjacent to but isolated from the building management system).

Our system is notoriously robust and is used in a wide variety of industrial storage pond applications with harsh environments. As a result, Vector Leak Monitoring systems will last the lifetime of the building and are easily repaired in the event of accidental damage by follow-on trades.

The system may be set up with various alarm options including telemetry systems linked to external third parties. Once a leak is detected Vector Leak Consultants can use the installed monitoring system to aid in the location of the leak.

Tailored to you Vector Leak Monitoring have two tiers of service. 

  • 24/7 Monitoring – Be alerted the moment the system detects a leak.
  • Periodic monitoring – typically on an annual basis but we can work with you to find the solution that works best for you.

New Build Projects

By using Vector Leak Monitoring technology, our clients mitigate substantial risk to their building, because leaks will be known before entering and damaging the structure, thereby greatly reducing time and cost of repair as well as consequential damage.

The Vector Leak Monitoring system can be adapted to suit your building requirements. Whether you require a constantly monitored or a periodic monitoring system, computer controlled or a simple alarm that will alert you to a leak within a waterproofing system Vector Leak Monitoring can meet your needs.

Using robust materials that will stand the test of time, you can be assured that the Vector Leak Monitoring technology will last just as long as your structure.

Vector Leak Consultants will partner with your approved waterproofing contractor to provide a seamless delivery of the monitoring system.

refurbishment projects

Refurbishment Projects

If you already have a leak and want to monitor it after the fact we have solutions that can be retrofitted in the form of regular inspections or permanently installed systems for remote monitoring

Professional Services

Vector can fully project manage the remediation of leaks from design and specification of repairs through to tender and provision of a completion certificate.

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